About us

At the heart of FNM is the dream to bring an appreciation of marine life into our urban spaces. In doing so, we install aquariums that blend immaculately with interior design and create fantastical destinations in and onto itself.

We started with humble roots in 2009 as a Singapore-based online store for aquarium supplies, and have since evolved into a reputable member of the aquaria community with bustling retail operations at our flagship store. Our portfolio of premium aquarium supplies number over 200 brands and 5000 products, successfully meeting the needs of both residential and commercial developments. 

We now offer turnkey and customised solutions to fulfil our clientele’s desire for an extraordinary marine experience in their own familiar environments.FNM is currently the distributor for premium products which includes Kessil (USA),Rossmont (Italy), Royal Nature (Israel), Tunze (Germany), Dr Tim's Aquatics (USA),Brightwell Aquatics (USA), ICP-Analysis.com (USA), AlgaGen (USA), Brine Shrimp Direct(USA), Chill Solutions (USA), Korallen Zucht (Germany) and Underwater Magic (Cyprus).