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Dazs Aquarium TongDazs Aquarium Tong
Dazs Aquarium Tong
Sale priceFrom $26.40
Plastic Tank - Fresh N MarinePlastic Tank - Fresh N Marine
Plastic Tank
Sale priceFrom $3
Eheim CompactOn 12000 - Fresh N MarineEheim CompactOn 12000 - Fresh N Marine
Eheim CompactOn 12000
Sale price$630
Eheim CompactOn 9000 - Fresh N MarineEheim CompactOn 9000 - Fresh N Marine
Eheim CompactOn 9000
Sale price$480
Eheim CompactOn 5000 - Fresh N Marine
Eheim CompactOn 5000
Sale price$360
X5 24LED COLOUR - Fresh N MarineX5 24LED COLOUR - Fresh N Marine
Sale price$18.50
X5 24LED RGB COLOUR - Fresh N MarineX5 24LED RGB COLOUR - Fresh N Marine
Sale price$18.50
APT FixLite (Algae Treatment) - Fresh N MarineAPT FixLite (Algae Treatment) - Fresh N Marine
APT FixLite (Algae Treatment)
Sale priceFrom $14.90
Yellow Lab Cichlid - Fresh N Marine
Yellow Lab Cichlid
Sale price$3
Sale priceFrom $2.80
Save 25%
Microbe-lift Zeolite 510g - Fresh N Marine
Microbe-lift Zeolite 510g
Sale price$15 Regular price$20
Jebao Auto Feeder - Fresh N MarineJebao Auto Feeder - Fresh N Marine
Jebao Auto Feeder
Sale priceFrom $23
Jebao Vario Series DC Pump - Fresh N MarineJebao Vario Series DC Pump - Fresh N Marine
Jebao Vario Series DC Pump
Sale priceFrom $70
API Algaefix Marine - Fresh N Marine
API Algaefix Marine
Sale price$32
Save 20%
Polyplab Nano One 250ml - Fresh N Marine
Polyplab Nano One 250ml
Sale price$23.20 Regular price$29
Save 50%
Microbe-lift Mineral Balancer 8oz - Fresh N Marine
Microbe-lift Mineral Balancer 8oz
Sale price$7.50 Regular price$15
Save 71%
Aqua Medic Ocean Light 1x 250w MH + 2x 24w T5 Fixture - Fresh N MarineAqua Medic Ocean Light 1x 250w MH + 2x 24w T5 Fixture - Fresh N Marine

Bringing you the grace of the underwater life

FNM lets you and your guests experience the wonderment of underwater life without ever having to leave your home, office, or evening lounge. Our team comprises a range of expertise from design to freshwater/marine biology, abstracting away the complexities for your aquarium.

Benefit from our longstanding experience with over 200 brands of aquarium supplies in both freshwater and marine setups. We deploy quality equipment brands such as KESSIL, Tunze and Red Sea among others so you can enjoy your aquatic experience with a peace of mind, as have many of our satisfied clients globally.

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Fresh N Marine - Ang Mo Kio Branch

Blk 443 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1233

Singapore 560443

Tel: +65 69803319

Monday - Friday: 11.30AM - 8.00PM
Saturday - Sunday: 11.30AM - 6.00PM
Public Holidays: 11.30am - 6.00PM
(Closed on Christmas and Chinese New Year)

Bus Service Numbers to reach us:
45, 55, 261, 652  

Nearest MRT Station (approx 10mins walk):
Ang Mo Kio MRT Station (NS16)

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