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Orange Yuma CoralOrange Yuma Coral
Orange Yuma Coral
Sale priceFrom $30
Green Galaxea Colony
Green Galaxea Colony
Sale price$100
Green Hammer ColonyGreen Hammer Colony
Green Hammer Colony
Sale priceFrom $100
Frogspawn ColonyFrogspawn Colony
Frogspawn Colony
Sale price$100
Pulsing Xenia Colony
Pulsing Xenia Colony
Sale price$80
Red Rainbow Shark - Fresh N Marine
Red Rainbow Shark
Sale price$5
St. Thomas Mushroom Red - Fresh N MarineSt. Thomas Mushroom Red - Fresh N Marine
St. Thomas Mushroom Red
Sale price$170
Save 14%
Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) - Fresh N Marine
Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto)
Sale price$60 Regular price$70
Save 25%
Emerald Crab - Fresh N Marine
Emerald Crab (Mithraculus sculptus)
Sale price$15 Regular price$20
L264 Sultan Pleco - Fresh N Marine
L264 Sultan Pleco
Sale price$50
DD Coral View Glasses - Fresh N Marine
DD Coral View Glasses
Sale price$10
Luminux White Guppy - Fresh N MarineLuminux White Guppy - Fresh N Marine
Luminux White Guppy
Sale price$4

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Seachem Prime - Fresh N Marine
Seachem Prime
Sale priceFrom $6.50
ISTA Instant Glue - Fresh N Marine
ISTA Instant Glue
Sale price$2
Trochus Snail - Fresh N Marine
Trochus Snail
Sale price$4
Air Hose (1m) - Fresh N Marine
Air Hose (1m)
Sale price$0.80
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt - Fresh N Marine
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt
Sale priceFrom $36.50
Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue - Fresh N MarineBoyd Chemi-Pure Blue - Fresh N Marine
Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue
Sale priceFrom $5
Seachem Stability - Fresh N Marine
Seachem Stability
Sale priceFrom $9.90
Sale priceFrom $11.50
Save 33%
ISTA Aquascaping Glue - Fresh N Marine
ISTA Aquascaping Glue
Sale price$2 Regular price$3
Horn Nerite Snail - Fresh N Marine
Horn Nerite Snail
Sale price$2
Seachem Purigen - Fresh N MarineSeachem Purigen - Fresh N Marine
Seachem Purigen
Sale priceFrom $20.40
Seachem Matrix - Fresh N MarineSeachem Matrix - Fresh N Marine
Seachem Matrix
Sale priceFrom $10.30
Seachem Flourish Excel - Fresh N Marine
Seachem Flourish Excel
Sale priceFrom $10.30
ADA La Plata Sand - Fresh N Marine
ADA La Plata Sand
Sale priceFrom $19
API Quick Start - Fresh N Marine
API Quick Start
Sale priceFrom $17
API Stress Coat - Fresh N Marine
API Stress Coat
Sale priceFrom $9
API Tap Water Conditioner - Fresh N Marine
API Tap Water Conditioner
Sale priceFrom $9
Seachem Ammonia Alert - Fresh N MarineSeachem Ammonia Alert - Fresh N Marine
Seachem Ammonia Alert
Sale price$15.40
Red Sea Reef Energy Plus AB+ - Fresh N Marine
Red Sea Reef Energy Plus AB+
Sale priceFrom $21
RowaPhos - Fresh N MarineRowaPhos - Fresh N Marine
Sale priceFrom $20

Freshwater Plants

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Acorus Calamus - Fresh N Marine
Acorus Calamus
Sale price$3
Acorus Pusillus - Fresh N Marine
Acorus Pusillus
Sale price$3
Acorus Variegatus - Fresh N Marine
Acorus Variegatus
Sale price$3
Ammannia Nesaea - Fresh N Marine
Ammannia Nesaea
Sale price$3
Ammannia Pedicellata - Fresh N Marine
Ammannia Pedicellata
Sale price$3
Anchor Moss (net) - Fresh N Marine
Anchor Moss (net)
Sale price$12
Anubias Barteri Pot - Fresh N Marine
Anubias Barteri Pot
Sale price$12
Anubias barteri wood - Fresh N Marine
Anubias barteri wood
Sale price$12
Anubias coffeefolia - Fresh N Marine
Anubias coffeefolia
Sale price$20
Anubias Coin - Fresh N Marine
Anubias Coin
Sale price$12
Anubias Coin on Rock - Fresh N Marine
Anubias Coin on Rock
Sale price$15
Anubias congensis - Fresh N Marine
Anubias congensis
Sale price$8
Anubias hastifolia - Fresh N Marine
Anubias hastifolia
Sale price$12
Anubias lanceolata - Fresh N Marine
Anubias lanceolata
Sale price$5
Anubias Moyu - Fresh N Marine
Anubias Moyu
Sale price$36
Anubias Pinto - Fresh N Marine
Anubias Pinto
Sale price$40
Anubias Wrinkled Leaf - Fresh N Marine
Anubias Wrinkled Leaf
Sale price$12
Bacopa Caroliniana - Fresh N Marine
Bacopa Caroliniana
Sale price$3
Bacopa Monnieri - Fresh N Marine
Bacopa Monnieri
Sale price$3
Blyxa Japonica (pot) - Fresh N Marine
Blyxa Japonica (pot)
Sale price$3
Bolbitis Difformis - Fresh N Marine
Bolbitis Difformis
Sale price$15
Bolbitis Heteroclita - Fresh N Marine
Bolbitis Heteroclita
Sale price$5
Bucephalandra Biblis - Fresh N Marine
Bucephalandra Biblis
Sale price$10
Bucephalandra Chimera - Fresh N Marine
Bucephalandra Chimera
Sale price$15
Bucephalandra Goliath - Fresh N Marine
Bucephalandra Goliath
Sale price$18

Bringing you the grace of the underwater life

FNM lets you and your guests experience the wonderment of underwater life without ever having to leave your home, office, or evening lounge. Our team comprises a range of expertise from design to freshwater/marine biology, abstracting away the complexities for your aquarium.

Benefit from our longstanding experience with over 200 brands of aquarium supplies in both freshwater and marine setups. We deploy quality equipment brands such as KESSIL, Tunze and Red Sea among others so you can enjoy your aquatic experience with a peace of mind, as have many of our satisfied clients globally.

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