Twinstar YOTTA [50 - 200LITRE]

Preventing fish disease is better than curing them

TWINSTAR Yotta powerfully sterilizes and kills fish disease or mold spores in the water to keep aquarium fish safe from diseases

 Fish disease may be brought into the aquarium through many factors

  1. From surrounding environment
  2. From owners when doing cleaning
  3. From feeds (mostly from fresh or frozen feeds)
  4. From when introducing new fishes into aquarium and many more…

Its latest technology is designed to not affect important biological balance (Beneficial Bacteria) for preservation of closed ecosystem unlike UV sterilizer, so user can manage the aquarium and fishes easily and safely.

TWINSTAR Yotta is often used on sensitive fishes like Wild Discus, Discus, Altum Angel, Angelfish, Apistogramma and etc...

How It Works

Fish diseases are caused by 3 factor, environment, fish immunity and pathogens. When under poor environment and lower fish immunity, pathogens will increase and causes fish disease.

TWINSTAR Yotta sterilizes and kills pathogens in the water to keep amount of pathogens low, hence lower the risk of fish getting disease.


Twinstar Yotta helps owner to maintain their fish healthy and prevent them from getting diseases.

Especially for beginner where careless and inexperience mistakes are make that could cause fish to get diseases.


  1. Twinstar Yotta sterilizing power is 2 times better than UV sterilizer
  2. Although UV sterilizer kills pathogens but it also kills beneficial bacteria which sometimes affect the biological balance in the water
  3. Twinstar Yotta lifespan is 3 times longer than UV sterilizer
  4. Twinstar Yotta is much easier to install (plug and play) compare to UV sterilizers which installation is much more complicated.
  5. Twinstar Yotta is smaller than UV sterilizer 




Twinstar S3

30 – 50 Litre


Twinstar S5

30 – 100 Litre


Twinstar Yotta

50 – 200 Litre


Twinstar Yotta+

50 – 450 Litre


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