Tunze Coral Gum 112g

Epoxy resin based adhesive for safe attachment of coral offshoots on stone substrates. Dyed red, similar to calcareous algae, suitable especially for coral reef aquariums. It is also suitable for attaching glass, ceramic, wood and many plastics.

Coral Gum is a two-component coral adhesive for safe cementing of coral fragments to substrate rocks. No deleterious matter or adhesive residue are passed into the aquarium water; it is unbreakable, yet remains exible and withstands big loads.

Coral Gum can be mixed very easily with ngers; it is completely non-odiferous and hardens very quickly. No residue of the adhesive remains on the ngers after shaping !

It is especially suited for coral breeders and marine aquarists in order to produce larger amounts of coral fragmets within a very short time.

Can be used in fresh-water and marine aquariums.

Safety instructions

Keep adhesives out of reach of children ! Wear protective gloves whilst working. Wear protective goggles when grinding, drilling or handling Coral Gum in any way. Immediately after use, clean the implements under running cold tap water.


Coral Gum is a mixture of two components supplied. Remove equal quantities from the tins.
Mix and knead for about 20 seconds. When the mass has a uniform colour, and there is no marbled appearance any more, the adhesive is ready for use.

A minute remains to use the adhesive, i.e. to af x the mass to the requested position and to t the coral with its rock substrate in the adhesive. Smooth all transitions with the subsurface.

We recommend another minute of curing time. Afterwards the adhesive process is nished and the Coral Gum is still exible. Close the lids after use in order to avoid drying.


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