Tetra InitialSticks 250ml

  • Natural product
  • Contains humus, organic iron complexes, as well as inorganic nutrient depots
  • Aquatic plants take root quickly, reducing algae growth
  • Promotes the growth of important micro-organisms in the substrate
  • Mix into the gravel on aquarium set up to immediately activate the substrate
  • For subsequent dosages a few sticks have to be pressed into the gravel
Tetra Initial Sticks are a fertiliser in an easy to use stick form for the aquarium substrate. Initial Sticks create a long-term nutrient base for aquarium plants - transforming gravel into a fertile substrate.


Dosage Rate:
Add at a rate of 1g per 1 litre of aquarium water.

Mix appropriate amount of Tetra Initial Sticks with 2/3 substrate and cover with remaining substrate afterwards.


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