Skimz DLC3 Dosing Liquid Container

Skimz DLC3 is space-saving dosing liquid container that connect to your dosing pump so you can automate additives and keep your aquarium water parameters stable. You can use DLC3 to dose calcium, magnesium and alkalinity.

 ● Space saving design
 ● "Slide and Pour"
 ● Colour matched labels and tubing
 ● Tube holders
 ● With 3 x 2L containers
 ● Dimensions L236 x D165 x H303

The “Slide and Pour” features a convenient way to add and manage your mineral solutions. The lids are removable and make cleaning of the containers easy.

The Skimz DLC includes coloured labels and tubing. The coloured mineral labels help you clearly label chambers for identification and the colour matched silicone tubing help you organise tubes.

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