NYOS Gold Pods 250ml

With Nyos ® Goldpods have a liquid concentrate zooplankton extracted from pure waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Goldpods contains copepods Calanus finmachicus (2 mm in size) of the family of calanoid. This is the ideal food for many species of marine fish delicate and LPS.
Raw products of high quality are the basis of the product

The secret of Nyos Goldpods ingredients are top quality. I just picked copepods are treated with a special method developed in a Norwegian University. This patented method deactivates enzymes responsible for the autolytic decomposition of nutrients, such as fatty acids and proteins. Furthermore, copepods, are coated by a thin membrane made from marine components naturali.Questo prevents the release of important nutrients.
Extremely practical and quick duo in use: can be administered directly into the tub with the included measuring spoon or dropper.
It 'also used in research in aquaculture and ornamental fish breeding
1. University of Ancona, Dr. Ike Olivotto, he discovered that by using Calanus in fish clown, you had many positive effects on growth in size and weight.
2. Commercial aquaculture companies such as Norsk Hummer AS obtained a significant increase in the survival of lobster larvae.
3. A famous Norwegian pisciculture succeeded in obtaining the release of eggs and male gametes from Pseudochromis fridmani unusual at the age of six, seven months. Norwegian importers of ornamental fish have noted an increase in the survival of catching fish. Norwegian ornamental fish importer noticed an Increase in survival rate of
Applications in aquarium
Due to its specific characteristics, Goldpods are more suitable for delicate fish, both omnivorous carnivores (such as anthias), LPS corals and coral azooxantellati. In general show a great evagination of polyps immediately after administration.
Recommendations for use
Goldpods can be administered directly through a measuring spoon or a dropper, alternatively may be first diluted inacqua aquarium in a separate container and then dosed into the tub.
Fed the fish several times a day.
LPS fed directly and with a small amount of product, once or twice a week. Use a pipette, first turn off the pumps.
Nutrient for marine ornamental fish and coral based Calanus finmarchicus.
Humidity 80%, crude protein 11.4%, crude fat 5.4%, crude fiber 2%, crude ash 1.2%. Additives: anti oxidants, dyes, preservatives.
Store in a cool, dark place.

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