Korallen-Zucht Sponge Power Concentrate

Sponge Power is the first product of its kind charged specifically with the task of maintaining and boosting the growth of all your filter feeders including clams, feather duster worms, sponges and tunicates. As an added benefit, you will notice much clearer water due to this increased sessile biomass and diversity!

Use Sponge Power to:

  • Safely accelerate the growth filter feeders
  • Increase the occurrence of new growth tips - on all SPS corals
  • Massively strengthen the proliferation of all soft corals
  • Promote vigorous polyp expansion from corals
  • Intensify coral colors, especially blues and purples
  • Encourage healing of damaged corals
  • Shorten the cycling process in new systems

Dose: 1 drop | 25 gallons per day

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