HM Digital Pocket-Sized TDS Meter w/ Thermometer

Pocket Sized TDS Meter w/ digital thermometer in aquarium-specific packaging.

The world's smallest and lightest TDS meter also comes with a built-in digital thermometer. It is a true pocket size meter, comfortably fitting into a shirt pocket without adding bulk. The TDS-4TM-A comes in an aquarium-specific retail-ready packaging.


  • Includes an internal digital thermometer (celsius). 
  • The smallest and lightest TDS meter available on the market. 
  • Hold Function - Saves measurements for convenient reading and recording. 
  • Auto-off function - Turns off meter after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
  • Dual Range - Measures from 0 - 999 ppm, with a resolution of 1ppm. From 1000 to 9990 ppm, the resolution is 10 ppm, indicated by a blinking 'x10' image.
  • Factory Calibrated: our meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. Meters can be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver. 
  • Recommended for aquariums & aquaculture.


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