Hailea - Water Pump HX6540 (2880L/H)

Hailea - Water Pump HX6540 (2880L/hr)


  • For fresh and sea water use. 
  • Adopts high aluminum ceramic to produce the shaft, for fresh and sea water dual use 
  • Adopts super-quality ABS original particles to shape the case,which never wear out 
  • Double use for under or adove the water 
  • Adopts strong sucker to fix pump intensively,which is never chapped 
  • It applies for water draining, oxygen providing, wave making, filtration and fountain 


  • Power: 220-240V/100W 
  • Size: 185x150x180mm 
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz 
  • Flow: 2880L/H (Max Jet: 3.1M) 
  • Outlet Diameter: 20.0mm


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