Eheim Surface Extractor

Eheim Surface Extractor skims off the protein layer which forms on the water surface, improving oxygen exchange. It also prevents undesirable biological processes on the water surface, by providing an optimum exchange of oxygen. This processes allows light to enter the aquarium unimpeded for better plant growth.

The extractor takes water through the strainer at the top and has a floating surface intake as well to help remove surface debris. The skimmer also features an automatic valve control mechanism and a surface outlet block circuit so the skimmer can be shut off for feeding.

The skimmer hooks up to the intake of the Eheim 2211, 2213, 2215, and 2217 filters. The T Reducer is needed when using the extractor with the 2217 filter. The Eheim Surface Suction Extractor is for suction filters up to 400gph. It is green to blend in with any natural setting.


The direction of flow must be towards the skimmer with the spray bar at the opposite side of the aquarium from the skimmer.

Size: 12" Long x 1" Diameter

For filters 2215, 2217, 2226, 2228, 2250, 2260, 2315, 2317, 2326 and 2328, a T-reducing piece is necessary, so that a bypass is created and two inlet lines are used. Additional tubing may also be required.

Filters 2215 and 2315 require EH4004950

Filters 2217, 2317, 2226, 2326, 2228 and 2328 require EH4005990

Filters 2250 and 2260 require EH4007990


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