Blyxa aubertii (pot)

Blyxa (bly-za) aubertii is a true aquatic plant found throughout Southeastern Asia, Africa, Japan and Australia. It is found in a wide variety of habitats from rice paddies to swiftly-flowing streams. Although it has been in the hobby for quite some time, it has inexplicably not become very commonly encountered. At present, it is usually only available through trade or through specialty retailers. Blyxa echinosperma was previously considered a species unto its own but is now recognized as a variety of B. aubertii. 

Growing B. aubertii is not especially difficult. While it does appreciate high light the conditions found in ‘high tech’ tanks, it is rather forgiving and not prone to any particular deficiencies. As long as it is given abundant carbon dioxide and subjected to a well-balanced fertilization program, it should do well. When given an open and unobstructed location along with a great deal of iron, B. aubertii can take on a rather strong maroon coloration. One thing that should be kept in mind is that this species is somewhat delicate and should not be subjected to overly strong currents or boisterous fauna. Otherwise, it can become rather tattered.

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