TIP from FNM: Caring for the Young
  • Live bearers are very easy to breed and need very little encouragement. 
  • The first young could possibly be born as early as four week after you introduce the male to the female. It could sometimes take even longer.
  • Encourage breeding by keeping the tank without much fluctuation to temperature (about 27 degrees celcius) and providing the tank with plenty of light.
  • You will be able to tell that a female is pregnant by looking at her abdomen above the anal fin.
  • Pregnant females will have a swollen abdomen and a large black or gray spot in front off the anal fin, otherwise known as the gravid spot.
  • Keep the adult fish well-fed while the babies are small, will keep them from developing carnivorous habits that may result them in eating babies.
  • However, you can opt to remove the babies until they are able to defend themselves.

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