Scenes of Chinese Thriller Drama, Key Witness, Shot at FNM

Just released on our national TV Channel 8 on 19 August 2021, is the chinese Action/Thriller drama series of 20 episodes, KEY WITNESS 关键证人

We are honoured to contribute our retail space for shooting these scenes back in January 2021 which appeared in episode 9. The full series are now available for watching on meWATCH.


Having failed to protect the witness in an international drug smuggling case, Interpol Officer Xu Guo Ying resigned as a result. In a twist of fate, Guo Ying took on witness-hunting, where in the process, Funeral planner Wang Yuxuan and arcade staff Chen Zhi Ming joined her league of justice. But Guo Ying soon realized Zhi Ming and Yuxuan were not what they appeared to be.



Denise Camillia Tan as Xu Guoying
Desmond Tan as Chen Zhiming
Zhang Zetong as Nick
Sheryl Ang as Wang Yuxuan
James Seah as Dex Ang
Ian Fang as Zheng Bide
Zheng Geping as Xu Yaokang


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