Korallen-Zucht ZEOcarbon 1000mL

High quality activated carbon especially developed for salt water tanks. You will see the difference significantly on your corals. 

Put it in a mesh bag in a passive flow area. 

The result is a better polyp extension. It adsorbs toxins, toxic compounds and yellowing compounds and also proteins. Keeps your tank water crystal clear. 

Use 1 L Korallenzucht activated carbon for 250 gallons/1000L water. 

Completely replace every 30 days.

Dose: 1 mL | 25 gallons per day

Over dosing is not a factor, as long as there is no problem with brown slime algae. You should not have a problem with this, if you follow the dosing instructions. However, if signs of excessive dosing occur, stop dosing for a few days until the slime build-up is gone. This supplement can also be used in tanks not using the ZEOvit method.


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