Maxspect GYRE XF230 Controller

Maxspect GYRE XF230 Controller + Power Supply

Fully customize the flow pattern of your Maxspect Gyre pump and take advantage of simple syncing of two pumps with the ease of one intuitive controller. The new advanced controller is far-far superior than the first generation and will blow your mind with features and versatility!

The controller features 5 different water movements:

  • Constant speed
  • Pulsing
  • Gradual pulsing mode
  • Random mode
  • Alternating Gyre mode

6 Adjustable Flow Variables:

  • Maximum Flow
  • Minimum Flow
  • Maximum Flow Time
  • Minimum Flow Time
  • Ramp Up Time
  • Wind Down time

24-Hour Preset:

  • Lunar Tidal Cycle
  • Oceanic Gyre Cycle


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