sera Air 275 R Plus

Sera further developed their popular air pumps for aquariums and garden ponds: The three long lived models of the air plus range are smaller and more powerful than their predecessors. Furthermore, they help saving energy, as the revised versions consume up to 33 % less energy.

The models of the air pump range 'air plus' are not only designed optically more attractive and flatter but also were further developed technically. Their internal construction was generally designed more efficiently. In case of the aquarium and garden pond pumps 'air 275 R plus' and 'air 550 R plus', the wattage reduction (4 W instead of 6 W and 8 W instead of 12 W) ensures a reduction of energy consumption by 33 % compared to their predecessors. Improved membrane materials allow for higher air pressures, and a filter drawer for the filter floss makes it easier to access.

Bonus feature: Depending on the connector, a free non-return valve is included with the pumps. Furthermore, depending on the pump size several Y pieces for connecting or splitting the separate air outlets are included with the kit ± this also allows connecting air operated decoration elements.

Sera Air pumps are TUV approved and have a built in Anti-interference capacitor to reduce mobile phone and TV interference.


  • I/h (equals approx. l/min): min. 275 (approx. 4.5 l/min)
  • Power uptake: 4 W
  • Obtained pressure: ≥0,014 mPa (≥140 mbar)
  • Outlets: 2 


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