Reef Octopus Light Reactor


The Reef Octopus Light Reactor is a natural filter which utilizes macroalgae like Chaetomorpha to absorb and remove algae-producing nutrients from your aquarium's water. As macro algae grows, it will consume nutrients in the water. Once you harvest the macro algae, the nutrients are then removed from your system.

Besides being a all natural approach to filtration, Algae reactors also provide a safe haven for copepods and Anphipods.

The Reef Octopus Light Reactor's unique triangular waterproof LED light (IP67 Certified) strip inside the reactor maximizes light exposure for the algae with 360 degree coverage, aiding growth and nutrient consumption. The close proximity of the high-output LED strip gets as much light to the macro algae as possible and quickly grows the macro algae. 

Features & Benefit

  1. A unique and safe method of natural filtration
  2. Greatly helps remove algae-producing nutrients from water naturally
  3. Perfectly balance of light spectrum for optimal Chaetomorpha growth
  4. Perfect safe haven for copepods and amphipods to reproduce and naturally feed the aquarium
  5. Unique Triangular LED Strip for 360 degrees coverage
  6. Inner LEDs provide safe high quality lighting
  7. Stabilizes pH and and lowers dissolved CO2 levels
  8. Low wattage and safe operation with heat sink
  9. Integrated algae containment plates
  10. Removable 3 tiers strainer container for easy harvesting
  11. Strainer Flip Stand – for easy maintenance
  12. Adjustable light intensity


Our LR Reactors are made with the most robust material to ensure that they adhere above the industry standards of keeping in shape and watertight. With our unique Triangular LEDs placement eradicating blind spots couple with optimum spectrum guarantees a quicker growth rate.

Harvest timeline can be easily controlled via the adjustable light intensifier should you wish to slow down the growth rate. Bundled with a 3 Tiers Strainer Basket to make harvesting a breeze.

Available in 2 models – LR-150, LR-200

Warranty (against manufacturing defect):
2 years* – pump motor only
1 year – all other parts

Technical Data

Item No. Product Wet/Dry Diameter Footprint Height Tank Volume Power(w)
mm inch mm inch mm inch L US Gal Lights
130309 LR-150 Both 150 5.9 230 205 9.1 8.1 510 20.1 200-600 52-158 18
130310 LR-200 Both 200 7.9 285 265 11.2 10.4 510 20.1 500-1000 132-264 18

Circulation Pump

Product Model No. Wet/Dry Power Max Head Height Maximum Flow Rate
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
LR-150 AQ-1200 Both 10 15 1.1 3.6 1.3 4.3 1300 343 1287 340
LR-200 AQ-2000 Both 42 45 2.0 6.5 2.1 6.9 2000 528 2203 582

Electrical or other Certification
Pumps (AQ) – CE & PSE certified
Lights – CE certified

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