Prodibio REEF BOOSTER 30vials

Corals even hard zooxanthellae carrying coral that feeds on light need nutritional supplements.

REEF BOOSTER has been developed with aquaculture experts on the basis of high performance products used to start up crustacean, mollusk, and bivalve larvae. It is a high quality micro feed that provides corals with all nutrient supplements they require, including omega-3, to maintain their color.

REEF BOOSTER favors the development of corals, clams and micro-fauna and the reduction of nitrates and phosphates by feeding and maintaining anaerobic bacteria on live rock. Its ampoule packaging allows very long conservation and complete use of all the product.

After a few weeks, hermatypic corals Plerogyra and Euphyllia expand and the ahermatypic polyps Scleronephtya and tubastraea Gorgonians, inflate. Corals thus stabilize their coloration.

Average Dose: Each week add 1amp per 400liters or (105gal)


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