PhycoPure™ Greenwater 8oz

PhytoPlankton are single celled “plants” that are important to the health of a reef tank. PhytoPlankton take excess nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, iron, sunlight, carbon dioxide and create fatty acids that are critical to the health of many marine organisms. The way it works is that PhytoPlankton produce Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and are either consumed directly by a filter feeder or by copepods that are in turn eaten by fish or corals.  In this way these super important fatty acids enter the food chain. At best guess there are over 100,000 different types of PhytoPlankton in the oceans-they are not all the same; “Phyto is not Phyto”.

AlgaGen has assembled blends of PhytoPlankton in a line called PhycoPure™. These blends are live, nutritious, are convenient and easy to use. We do not use preservatives in our PhycoPure™ line. All of our PhycoPure™
products have lot numbers along with a freshness date. Your success is our success-check the dates.

PhycoPure™ Greenwater

PhycoPure™ Greenwater is a term for water that has green algae in it. The term and approach has been used in aquaculture for decades. Greenwater is a mesocosm technique used to raise larvae and feed rotifers. Our Greenwater is composed of Nannochloropsis algae that is great for some filter-feeders, larvae, some copepods and rotifers. It is also known to be a great water conditioner (it consumes/binds nitrate,  phosphate, heavy metals).  A bottle is good for months in the refrigerator

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