Myriophyllum mattogrossense (pot)

Myriophyllum mattogrossense comes from wetland regions of South America. This species was once lumped together and confused the trade with the red Myriophyllum tuberculatum in the trade. A rather recent addition to the hobby, this species, due to its beauty and ease of growth, is quickly gaining in popularity in the planted aquarium hobby. It is now relatively commonly cultivated.

This Myriophyllum is perhaps one of the easiest to grow. Lighting should be at least moderate (2+ watts per gallon with power compact bulbs as a rule of thumb for moderately sized planted aquaria), but more intense lighting leads to larger leaf whorls and more intense pearling. This stem plant is an excellent candidate for non-CO2, moderately lit aquaria where it will still grow healthy, large, green whorls. It is not too fussy about NO3 and PO4 levels. Higher NO3 (10 ppm or more) and higher PO4 (1.5-2 ppm) do promote the largest, most robust stems. If it turns pale or white, this plant is not getting enough iron or micronutrients.


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