Korallen-Zucht Iron Concentrate

The addition of iron primarily affects the green color formation. However, this element has to be treated with caution. Iron is known to increase coral growth, but also the growth of algae. You can see the same result in the density of zooxanthellae in coral tissue. Darkening of tissue suggests too much iron is being added. As an initial dosing regimen, we recommend 1 drop per 25 gallons daily. This dosing amount and interval should be adjusted accordingly. We recommend using yellow corals as indicators. Stop dosing when yellow corals display a green shimmer. Stop dosing this product (or potassium iodide / fluoride concentrate) until yellow corals become intense yellow again. In most cases, dosing twice weekly at a rate of 1 drop per 25 gallons should be sufficient.

Another indicator that your corals lack iron: red acropora turns pale pink and green acropora turns yellow.) This supplement can also be used in tanks not using the ZEOvit method.

Dosing: 1 drop per 100 L/25 gallons twice weekly.


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