Hailea HK-500A 1/2HP [NEW]

Product Description:

Microcomputer control system for the convenient of User.
High Efficiency and energy saving. Water temperature will drop down fast and economically.
Adopts Freon-Free R134a refrigerating systems, which is safe and environmentally friendly.
Anti-Corrosive, pure titanium, evaporator for fresh and saltwater use.
New Boost function [2hr and 24/7] for fast chilling down of water to set Temperature.

Power: 1/2HP

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Working Current: 2.4A

Water Refrigerated: 500L

Iced Medium: R134a

Rate of Flow: 2500-5000L/h

Weight: 19.3kg

Available new HK models:

HK-150A - 1/10HP - 150L - 430 x 255 x 380mm
HK-300A - 1/4HP - 300L - 457 x 330 x 430mm
HK-500A - 1/2HP - 500L - 480 x 355 x 480mm
HK-1000A - 1HP - 1000L - 560 x 380 x 480mm

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