Friscer Multipurpose Zipper Filter Media Bag (Coarse) (3 sizes)

  • With this filter media bags, it is very simple to accommodate aquarium filter media such as activated carbon, zeolite, bio-rings, lava rock, Phosphate remover, sulfur beads other filter media commonly used into aquarium filters, sump, or quarantine tanks, filter chambers. The elastomer coated fabric is made of nano-fibers.The special honeycomb pattern ensures high tensile strength and maximum water flow.
  • For closing is media bag provided with a quality resealable zipper with double stitching for maximum safety and durability.
  • The Friscer Multipurpose zipper filter media bag keeps much longer than normal filter bags. The coarse-mesh filter bags are used to hold medium to coarse fine filter media. The mesh size is 3 mm.
  • Safe to use for all freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems.

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