Eheim JAGER HEATER 150W 220-240V

Undisputedly the most reliable and efficient aquarium heater in the world!

Extremely accurate, this high-quality heater features an easy to adjust control dial is adjustable from 65-93° Fahrenheit. Contains a heavy-duty 2mm thick, shock-resistant Pyrex glass construction. Six foot double insulated power cord and suction-cup attachment included. Perfect for fresh or saltwater use.

Manufacturer provides a three-year warranty. Made in Germany.


  • Dry-running protection
  • Fully submersible
  • Submersible to specified water line. 
  • Inner and outer seals insure the water-tight integrity of the inner mechanism.
  • Temperature recalibration
  • Precise temperature control
  • Precision bi-stable thermostat +/- .5̻‰ۡ'?̍? F holding temperature.
  • Heating function is indicated by an on/off control lamp
  • Special Schott DURAN shatterproof glass
  • Chrome nickel Helical heating coil designed for maximum strength and even heat distribution resulting in no hotspots.
  • Dimension: 340mm x 24.5mm
  • Suitable for tanks between 200-300L


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