Eheim Ecco Pro 2034

Easy to use shut-off taps

Individual fillable filter basket

Very quiet running smoothness

High quality ceramic shaft in perfectly formed sleeve

Excellent biological and mechanical filtration due to optimum water throghflow

Prefiler : very effective trapping of dirt particles means minimal dirt contamination of biomedical leading to longer intervals between cleaning

Filter baskets filled with high quality Original-EHEIM Filter Material


  • Aquarium Size: 100-200L 
  • Pump Output: 600 lph 
  • Delivery head 1.4m 
  • Filter volume: 2.0L + 0.3L (Prefilter) 
  • Lower consumption 5 W 
  • Dimensions approx. DxH: 205x355mm 
  • Hose size: 12/16mm hoses for both inlet and outlet 



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