Eheim Classic Canister Filter 2215 with Media

EHEIM Classic Canister / External Filter: Proven technology, balanced performance and high efficiency are the hallmarks of the entry model for external EHEIM filters.

ilicone sealing ring for easy and safe locking after cleaning.

ealing ring fixed to the pump head

lternative filling of filter media either with filter sponges or with combined media


heim Classic External Filter 2215 with Bio Media

ncludes Carbon Filter Pad, Fine Filter Pad, Coarse Filter Pad, EHFIMECH & EHFISUBSTRAT

quarium Size: 350 L

ump Output: 620 Lph

elivery head 1.8m

ilter volume: 4 L

ower consumption 15 W

imensions approx. 160 x 355mm

ose size: 5/8" inlet and 1/2" outlet

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