Eheim Classic Canister Filter 2213 with Media

EHEIM Classic Canister / External Filter: Proven technology, balanced performance and high efficiency are the hallmarks of the entry model for external EHEIM filters.

-Silicone sealing ring for easy and safe locking after cleaning.

-Sealing ring fixed to the pump head

-Alternative filling of filter media either with filter sponges or with combined media


-Eheim Classic External Filter 2213 with Bio Media

-Includes Carbon Filter Pad, Fine Filter Pad, Coarse Filter Pad, EHFIMECH & EHFISUBSTRAT

-Aquarium Size: 240 L

-Pump Output: 440 Lph

-Delivery head 1.5m

-Filter volume: 3 L

-Power consumption 8 W

-Dimensions approx. 160 x 355mm

-Hose size: 5/8" inlet and 1/2" outlet

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