DELTEC UV 39 Watts

Slimline high intensity quartz bulb with ceramic cap for good thermal insulation.
Lamp life of 9000 hours for continuous use.
Electronic Ballast for flicker free operation, doubling the bulb life.
Pure quartz sleeve prevents thermal shocks and maintains the lamp at the correct temperature for maximum UV-C output regardless of the water temperature.
Reinforced UV resistant plastic body prevents degradation with time.
Single ended design and waterproof insulation to CE IP67.
Ballast and Lamp function LED indicator.
Allows partial submersion of the body in a sump thus reducing the space required for installation.
Viton gasket for a long term UV resistant seal.
Can be easily connected together to form banks of UV units using standard pipework

39W Model
Wattage: 39 watts
Flow Rate: 2000 lts/hr
Dimensions: 920mm x 100mm x 140mm

Note: This Product is for Online Pre-Order Basis Only. Usual Lead Time is approximately 1-2 weeks.

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