Product Details

  • Highly efficient cylinder shape
  • Safe by newly developed emergency overflow with water level indicator
  • Whisper quiet through a new hollow chamber floor
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Quick and easy removal of the pump
  • Variable adjustable pump





Aquarium Size

200 to 600 Litres

500 to 1000 Litres

700 to 1500 Litres

Power Consumption

11 Watts

11 Watts

22 Watts

Air max.

450 Litres per hour

600 Litre per hour

1100 Litre per hour


22x14x51 cm

24x15.5x52 cm

27.5x18.5x58 cm


Deltec DCS 400

Deltec DCS 600

Deltec DCC3

For sumps with

15 to 25cm water level

15 to 25cm water level

15 to 25cm water level


The new innovative internal skimmer from Deltec.

The Deltec 'i' DC pump and 'ix' AC pump range of protein skimmers incorporate a new emergency overflow system that prevents the collection cup from overflowing in the event that the sump water level suddenly exceeds the skimmers specified water depth or the air intake becomes blocked. As the water level rises within the protein skimmer body the air feed to the pump will shut off automatically via the emergency overflow further reducing the chance of foam flooding the cup if the water level in the sump should ever rise due to a return pump failure.

The new protein skimmers also include minimum and maximum adjustment level marks on the outlet pipework for easy setup.

The 'double base' footplate design allows water to exit the protein skimmer body into a void within the footplate and into the integrated level adjustment tube and the emergency overflow tube. This new design feature means that water will exit the protein skimmer body at the lowest point greatly reducing the chance of microbubbles escaping the body, increasing air-water contact time and also reducing noise and turbulence within the protein skimmer body.

Due to waste accumulation and calcium carbonate build up protein skimmer pumps generally have to perform in a harsh environment and need to be cleaned periodically to maintain peak performance. With this in mind, Deltec has incorporated a quick tool-less removal system for the pump allowing for easy disassembly, in tests Deltec have been able to remove a pump for cleaning in less than 20 seconds meaning less time spent maintaining equipment and more time to enjoy your aquarium. 

Note: This Product is for Online Pre-Order Basis Only. Usual Lead Time is approximately 1-2 weeks.

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