Caribsea Arag-Alive! Natural Reef 20 lbs

CaribSea's Arag-Alive Florida crushed coral is the only coral substrate with aragonite. This means up to 25 times the buffering power of other crushed corals, dolomite or oyster shell - excellent for saltwater tanks, reef tanks or cichlid tanks in need of lasting pH and hardness boosts. Generously sized coral pieces provide maximum surface area for denitrifying bacteria, buffer to ideal marine & reef pH levels and allow an increase in bioload by up to 50%. CaribSea Aragonite delivers more calcium, carbonate, and trace elements such as strontium - up to 10,000 ppm! - than any other substrate, and never needs to be replaced. This product is also ideal for use in calcium reactors and plenum systems.

Grain Size 2.0 - 5.5 mm. Use in an undergravel filtered system or as an ad-mixture to finer textured sands, shells and shell fragments produce varied natural colors and void spaces for small macro fauna such as copepods.


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