BSI Cyanoacrylate IC-Gel Aquarium Frag Glue

Bob Smith Industries IC-GEL?¾ʢ is a cyanoacrylate paste that is extremely thick which comes in an applicator tube like toothpaste. It has the same bonding and curing time characteristics as MAXI-CURE?¾ʢ; IC-Gel?¾ʢ, however, can be applied to a vertical surface and will stay in place. It will not run. This can be very convenient for some assembly applications. Applying CA to the bottom of a horizontal surface, such as a ceiling, can be very difficult with anything other than a full standard CA bottle. IC-GEL?¾ʢ can be applied at any angle with just a squeeze of the tube. The gel does, however, have a tendency to continue to come out of the tube for about a second after pressure is released, so this must be taken into account to apply the exact amount of IC-GEL?¾ʢ that you want.

IC-GEL?¾ʢ is an excellent putty for plastic models. It will fill any void and can be formed to many shapes. Applying INSTA-SET?¾ʢ allows IC-GEL?¾ʢ to be sanded or filed to final shape in less than 20 seconds. Autobody repairmen have finished their jobs in a fraction of the time by using IC-GEL?¾ʢ with the additional advantage over normal body putties of superior bonding to metal surfaces. IC-GEL?¾ʢ, along with MAXI-CURE?¾ʢ, is also used for the underwater bonding of coral to rock.

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