API Stress Coat

  • Instantly removes chlorine and neutralizes heavy metals 
  • Helps replace the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress 
  • Contains Aloe Vera, nature's liquid bandage, to prevent loss of essential electrolytes and speed tissue growth 
  • Safe for both marine and freshwater aquariums 

Improves water quality: Tap water usually contains chlorine and heavy metals harmful to fish, and its chemistry will likely vary day to day. Regular use of Stress Coat multipurpose conditioner instantly removes these elements. Add 2 tsp per 10 gallons directly to aquarium after water changes. 

Fights fish stress: Every time a fish is netted or handled, its protective slime coating is disturbed, causing a loss of essential electrolytes through the skin. This leads to suppression of the immune system, resulting in increased susceptibility to disease. Stress Coat contains Aloe Vera to help repair the natural slime coating that fish need when stressed from handling, shipping, fighting, or other forms of stress.

Use Stress Coat® when setting up an aquarium, changing water, or adding fish. 16 oz treats 960 gallons.


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