ANS HydroBar 'M' Hanging Bar

ANS HydroBar M
Hanging Bar for lamp
Elegant style
Stainless steel fixture
withstand heavy load

Fix to back of cabinet
Adjustable length
Detachable for easy transport

Model Name Dimensions LxWxH(cm) For Tank Size
22061 HydroBar M60 60x62x40  60cm/2ft
22062 HydroBar M90 90x92x40  90cm/3ft
22063 HydroBar M100 100x92x40  100cm/3.5ft
22064 HydroBar M120 120x122x40  120cm/4ft
22065 HydroBar M150 150x152x40  150cm/5ft
22066 HydroBar M180 180x152x40  180cm/6ft

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