AI HMS Single Mounting Kit

Mount your AI HYDRA HD LED light with the HMS single arm mounting bracket.  The HMS mounting systems provide a huge amount of features including pivoting the modules, cable management, and also being able to slide the Hydra LED modules.  You are able to hide the cables and cords in the HMS rail keeping them out of sight for a nice clean look over your aquarium.

Aqua Illumination has come out with many different configurations for the HMS rail mounting system and can accommodate any size or dimension tank.

*LED Hydra HD Modules are not included, this is just for the mounting rail no light.

Specifications & Dimensions:

  • Max Tank Thickness - 1.125"
  • Max Height - 13.0"
  • Max Outreach - 14.3"

What's Included with the HMS:

  • 1x Hydra FiftyTwo Bracket
  • 1x Hydra TwentySix Bracket
  • 1x Pivoting Bracket
  • 2x Mounting Clamps
  • 2x 15" Rails

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