TIP from FNM: Routine Checking of Aquarium Equipments
  • Check on the various equipments that is essential such as pumps, filters and heaters which are also known as Life Support System
  • Glancing at the thermometer should be made into a daily habit for example, at feeding time
  • This is because fluctuations in temperature can cause fish stress which often leads to disease outbreak
  • Also, check to make sure other equipments are operating properly 


  • Ensure that all equipment are running smoothly
  • Check water parameters; salinity and temperature (twice in a day - in the morning as well as night)
  • Observe fishes in tank to make sure that they are acting normally. Repeating this daily will help identify the first signs of disease and treat it early.
  • Any changes in temperature for freshwater or marine tank does not only cause fish stress but will potentially damage the fish's immune system, diseases and algae outbreaks.
  • Hence the importance of keeping aquarium tank's temperature stable as it will pose a threat to the life of your fish
  • The temperature of natural waters in the oceans reef range is between 22 - 28 degrees celcius and this is the temperature that is needed to be replicated too, as well as other water parameters such as salinity
  • Sudden changes in marine aquarium temperature can cause stress to your fish and other inhabitants in your tank.

Weekly and/or Bi-Weekly

  • Water change of about 15-20% of your marine aquarium
  • Cleaning of gravel or sand
  • Checking of water parameters - pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Hardness
  • Rinsing your filter. Tip: Rinse it our with your old aquarium water instead of using chlorinated water directly. There would be a temperature change and could kill the bacteria that is accumulated in the filter.


  • Replacing your aquarium filter media if necessary 
  • Check expiration dates on boxes or bottles of your aquarium supplies before usage

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