Innovative Marine MicroMag - Tiny but Tough

A tiny but tough magnet cleaner makes your stubborn algae spots on the glass goes away with ease. All new Innovative Marine MicroMag hits Singapore market and available for ordering online and walk-in purchase at 82 MacPherson Lane #01-17. 

If you own an aquarium, then you probably deal with algae on your glass. Larger magnetic glass cleaners do great for big jobs, but what do you use when you have hard-to-reach algae spots around your aquarium in tight spaces? 

The MicroMag is a magnetically coupled algae cleaner that utilizes powerful rare earth magnets with a soft felt pad for the outside of the glass and a hard textured pad for the inside of the glass. 

You simply drag the outside magnet in a circular motion to remove algae and keep your hands dry. Each magnet measures 1.1” in diameter and .5” in thickness . Neodymium magnets are epoxy coated and encased in molded acrylic to protect against corrosion and safe to use in both fresh and marine environments. MicroMags are tiny but tough, they get into tight spaces and remove stubborn algae spots! Great for spot cleaning, and perfect for nano aquariums.


  • Utilizes rare earth neodymium magnets
  • Molded acrylic casing 
  • Epoxy coated magnets 
  • For Glass tanks up to 12mm in thickness 
  • Compact size 1.1” diameter by .5” thickness



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