Yellow Sea cucumber (Colochirus robustus)

Yellow Sea cucumber (Colochirus robustus)

The Yellow Sea Cucumber or Colochirus robustus has a bright yellow cylindrical body with large pointed spikes on the body. There are eight feathery tentacles around the head, which are used to catch organic microscopic particles and bring it to its mouth to be eaten. It has three rows of tube feet at its underside which are used to cling to the substrate. In the wild, the yellow sea cucumbers are found mostly on rocks and reefs in lagoons or shallow reefs area with moderate to strong water flow. It will normally attach itself to the substrate with its tiny feet while catching food with its tentacles. However, it is not recommended for beginners as it may release a mild toxin called holothurin into the water if stressed, disturbed or hurt which may harm other creatures in the tank.

The yellow sea cucumbers are often put in the saltwater reef aquarium due to its unique appearance and also as part of the aquarium clean up crew members. It is especially well suited for larger saltwater reef aquarium with a deep sand bed and plenty of live rocks. When keeping the yellow sea cucumbers in the saltwater reef aquarium, create some structures with the live rock for them to hide as they are a nocturnal creature and prefer to come out at night. The Yellow Sea Cucumber also needs specialized feeding requirements of microplakton and other microscopic organics particles. It also need high water quality and will not tolerate high nitrate levels and copper-based medications. Extra care must also be taken to ensure that all water intakes and overflows in the saltwater reef aquarium are properly covered. This is to prevent them from being sucked into an uncovered pump intake or overflow boxes so that they will not get hurt and release their toxin into the water. The yellow sea cucumbers have two method of reproducing i.e. by spawning if kept in small groups or by dividing (fission).

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