Twinstar M5 [30 - 100LITRE]


Whether you are a beginner in fresh water aquariums or even an aquascaping long-time lover you will now have the chance of stop worrying with the undesired consequences that algae cause to your tank’s glass and interior. Install TWINSTAR and you will be simultaneously stopping the algae from appearing and promoting the healthy growth of your plants. Now you can relax, enjoy your little piece of nature free of algae and, more than ever, with crystalline water. 

What Is Twinstar M5

Twinstar M5 is currently one of the most innovative technologies to inhibit green algae effectively without harmful influence on aquarium ecological environment.

It keeps aquarium clean by eliminating spores from the initial propagation.

Sterilizing factor with micro-bubbles destroys cell wall of green algae to inhibit growth, and it is nontoxic so harmless to aerobic bacteria. Promoting aquatic plants growth by inhibition of green algae on plants, those plants can elevate absorption of excess nutrients to block nourishment of green algae growth. 

Why We Use Twinstar M5 In Our Aquarium

1. Greatly reduce maintenance and need for water change as it suppresses algae growth effectively 
2. Highly recommended for beginner to have as it is the hardest task to control algae growth.

3. Promote growth rate of plants


Despite the fact green algae are preliminary compared to plant evolution process, they have a lot in common. Because required elements on algae’s growth are similar to aquatic plants, a lot of algae will be generated particularly in planted aquarium.

Algae are caused by excessive light, nourishment, carbon dioxide, lack of filtration, etc. From 10 days after setup, algae will be visible to naked eye and will be generated during 2 months intensively, even with a normal management. Generated algae not only take nourishment from surplus, but also block out light needed to plant growth. This way, they will have a really bad influence on plants growth.

Twinstar Nano "Ver. 2"
better Efficiency 
more Durability
more Value for Money......


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