TOM Rapids Mini Canister Filter

Easy-to-use canister filter ideal for nano, mini-reef, and other small aquariums.

Efficient canister filter design with powerful high flow rate and quiet operation.

Features sleek, modern design which complements most aquariums.

Rapids Mini Canister Filter provides optimum 3-stage filtration to smaller aquariums, such as nano, mini-reef, or planted aquariums. Compact, super-efficient filter features self-priming, top-mounted sealed motor with 80 gph flow rate. It's quiet, simple to start and setup, and dependable. It's also lightweight enough to be hung directly on back of your aquarium or it can stand alone. Comes with built-in flow meter and 2-year manufacturer's warranty. For fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 20 gals. Measures 3-1/2" x 5-11/16" x 7" high.

Includes: Floss roll with activated carbon and super porous ceramic cylinders, high-efficiency intake strainer, spray bar, and canister hanger. 


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