Tetramedica Trema Cesto Nema Ex 20ml

  • Highly effective remedy against endoparasitic worms such as nematodes (Capillariahair worms, Oxyurida - thread worms) and cestodes (tapeworms), small ectoparasitic crustaceans such as carp lice (Argulus) and anchor worms (Lernaea) as well as skin and gill worms (Gyrodactylus and Dactylogyrus).
  • Disease symptoms: Fish that are infected with nematodes and tapeworms will start to drastically lose weight, despite the fact that they may continue to eat normally and perhaps even show signs of gluttony.
  • Carp lice and anchor worms are clearly visible on fish skin.
  • Fish that are affected by skin or gill worms typically show signs of increased mucous production, rubbing against objects, laboured breathing and suffocation.

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