Tetra ReptoFresh 100mL


Tetra Repto Fresh. Turtle keepers are only too aware that their pets can heavily soil an aquatic terrarium. This can quickly lead to unpleasant smells that also pervade the room - particularly if there is insufficient oxygen in the water to break down food remnants or waste.

Tetra ReptoFresh is a water conditioner that contains a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Once in water, hydrogen peroxide immediately decomposes into "water" and "reactive oxygen". this reactive oxygen supports naturally occuring break down processes that use oxygen in the air. The oxidising effect starts to work immediately after dosing to reduce bad odours and make the aquarium water clear and healthy.

Removes bad odours and is extremely simple to use: for best results, add 10ml of Tetra ReptoFresh per 50L of water into the tank each week.


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