TETRA Min Baby 66mL

TetraMin Baby - Staple food for young fish up to 1 cm in length - rich in protein to encourage healthy growth.

  • Very finely sieved mix of highly nutritious and functional ingredients
  • Promotes healthy growth during the early stages of a fish's life
  • Micro flakes for optimal food intake
  • Promotes balanced and healthy growth
  • Prevents nutrition-related deficiency
  • Patented BioActive formula* maintains a healthy immune system to ensure a long life
  • Plus prebiotics for improved body functions and nutritional utilisation
  • For healthy fish and clear water

Instructions for use: Several times daily in small portions.

When used correctly, the new TetraMin considerably improves nutrient uptake and reduces the excrement produced by fish (compared with the old TetraMin) ± guaranteed. 


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