Skimz Monzter CM150

Skimz Monzter Calcium Reactor is the simple approach to raise and maintain the Concentration of Calcium and Carbonate hardness in your aquariums, which is vital to the growth of hard corals and clams.

Skimz Monzter Calcium Reactor incorporates a Recirculating Design with a high efficiency pump to Maximise the use of CO2 injected into the reactor. The base of the reactor chamber is integrated with the Water Swirling Chamber (WSC), which forces water to move evenly upward, minimizing dead spots. The Cone-Shaped Gas Channeling Chamber (GCC) at the top the reactor will help to channel undissolved CO2 upwards to recirculate back into the reactor via the Recirculation Pump.

Every Monzter range of product is Hand-Crafted with the Highest Quality Materials and Precision CNC Machined.

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