REEF CRYSTALS synthetic sea salt is the first enriched sea water formulation to contain an "extra" measure of components important to reef hobbyists. 

1. Extra Calcium - many reef organisms form shells or skeletal structures by depositing calcium, which is removed from the water. Extra calcium has been shown to be beneficial. The extra calcium in REEF CRYSTALS salt, above natural sea water concentrations, can eliminate the need for separate calcium supplements.

2. Extra Trace Elements - marine algae require numerous trace elements in the solution. Extra trace elements, above natural sea water concentrations, in a long-lasting, chelated form, provide extended availability. These extra trace elements can eliminate the need for additional trace element supplements. Animals, such as coral and anemones that contain symbiotic algae in their tissues, will also benefit greatly. 

3. Vitamins - many of these same reef organisms also require vitamins for optimum growth and survival. The vitamin blend in REEF CRYSTALS salt is specially formulated to benefit the most sensitive organisms - algae, corals, anemones, and more. It can eliminate the need for extra vitamin supplements.

4. Metal detoxifier - a special additive helps to detoxify excess heavy metals, such as copper and lead, that are often found at elevated levels in domestic water supplies. 

The special salt crystal structure makes it the fastest dissolving sea salt available. REEF CRYSTALS is a sophisticated enhancement to modern aquarium keeping. It is fully compatible with all marine aquariums and will not harm animals in systems that are not specifically reef aquariums.


Mixing Instructions 

  • Mix REEF CRYSTALS salt in dechlorinated water. 
  • To prepare small quantities of REEF CRYSTALS, use 33g of REEF CRYSTALS salt for each US litre of water. 
  • Stir vigorously to mix salt and water. Although the solution of REEF CRYSTALS salt can be used immediately , we suggest aerating the water to reach oxygen/carbon dioxide equilibrium. 
  • Use an accurate hydrometer, such as the SEATEST specific gravity meter to adjust salinity. Recommended specific gravity range: 1.020 to 1.023 at 24 degrees celcius. If specific gravity is too low, add more REEF CRYSTALS salt. If too high, add more dechlorinated water. 
  • A 25% water change each month is important part of every aquarium maintenance programme. While REEF CRYSTALS sea salt will eliminate the need to add supplements, it cannot replace the importance of regular water changes. 

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