Prodac Ocean Reef Salt

PRODAC OCEAN REEF contains elevated levels of calcium and buffer capacity that provide the extended availability of these elements, essential for vibrant coral growth. The chemically balanced formula supports the most delicate Corals and other marine life and reaches a stable, natural pH shortly after mixing. It is free of nitrates and phosphates produced by a small batch process to ensure homogeneity and consistency of the salt mixture. Corals, calcareous algae and other invertebrates use large amounts of calcium for the building of their skeletons or shells. The calcium level in natural seawater at 35ppt is approximately 400 ppm.

Quick dissolving marine salt specific for reef aquariums with a grade of purity just under 100%.

Research, development and production of salt are carried out at the laboratories of PRODAC INTERNATIONAL. This product is MADE IN ITALY. This salt contains all the necessary trace elements for ensuring a correct fish and invertebrates growth and are further fortified with calcium and vitamins for stimulating growth and strengthening invertebrates with rigid skeleton. All of these substances remain unaltered when the salts dissolve.

1kg makes approximately 30 litres.

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