A mineral salts supplement enriched with iron for promoting a lush and healthy growth of aquatic plants. Some plants particularly weak often have yellowing, fragile and transparent foliage because of lack of nutrients. The regular use of Nutronferro prevents aquatic flora from weakening.

Use and dosage:
Shake the bottle before use, once a week pour 10 ml (= 1 cap full) for every 40 litres of water into the aquarium. No danger of overdose.

Caution: this product may give the water an opaque appearance, this effect disappears after approximately 6-8 hours and the water becomes crystal clear. This does not in any way affect the biological balance in the aquarium. To stimulate a luxuriant plant growth it is recommended to alternate Prodac Nutronferro with Nutronflora which is a trace element supplement. It is not a PPP (plant protection product).


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