Pearscale Butterfly (Chaetodon xanthurus)

The Pearlscale Butterflyfish (Chaetodon xanthurus) is a species of butterflyfish (family Chaetodontidae) also known as Yellow-tailed Butterflyfish or Philippines Chevron Butterflyfish (the Chevron Butterflyfish is an unrelated species of Chaetodon). It is found on or around the reefs of the western Pacific Ocean from Indonesia and the Philippines north to the Ryukyu Islands. The body is pearly white and the scales have black edges, giving the sides a more cross-hatched pattern instead of the clear chevrons in related species. The hind parts are orangey-yellow, the base of the caudal fin is white. The head is darker than the body and bears the characteristic pattern of its lineage, consisting of vertical black eyestripes and a black white-rimmed crown spot.

Recommended tank size: minimum of a 55 gallon tank is necessary. Provide plenty of hiding places such as caves and live rock for grazing.

Reef Compatibility: It can typically be kept with some of the more noxious soft corals (such as leather corals), but avoid it in most reef tanks

Food and diet: Carnivorous, feed marine fish, crustacean flesh, mysid shrimp and frozen preparations. Feed several times daily.

Level of Care: Moderate

Size: 4" - 5"

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