P.E. Mysis 8oz

Piscine Energetics harvesting process allows for naturally gut-loaded and nutritious Mysis shrimp. The harvesting and flash-freezing process create a bio-encapsulated Mysis which is rich in Omega 3 & 6 highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA), amino acids, antioxidants and is naturally gut loaded with Daphnia and phytoplankton resulting in an overall healthier aquarium. If you have never tried PE Mysis we highly suggest giving it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Guaranteed Analysis (from dry weight):
Crude Protein - 69.5% min
Crude Fat - 8.35% min
Crude Fiber - 2.75% max
Ash - 5.5% max

PE Mysis Shrimp Ingredients: 100% Mysis Relicta

Feeding Suggestions:
Feed only as much as your fish will consume in a 2 minute period multiple times a day. It is best to feed very small amounts multiple times a day over a single large feeding. Fish will naturally graze and scavenge for food throughout the day and by offering different foods multiple times a day will mimic their natural feeding instincts and lead to better coloration and overall healthier fish.

It is common for PE Mysis to make aquarium water cloudy which will not harm your tank and will go away shortly. If it is a concern we suggest rinsing the food with RODI water before adding it to the tank. 

Mysis Shrimp were introduced to Lake Okanagan to try to help the Kokanee Salmon population without knowing that the mysis and salmon would be in direct competition for food. Harvesting mysis out of the pristine glacier fed lake help sustain the salmon fry by removing an opponent for food. The mysis are captured through a gentle process that keeps them intact. They are then quickly packaged and flash frozen bio-encapsulating all the beneficial nutrition inside of the shrimp.


PE Mysis Catch


NOTE: Handling a frozen food that is derived from a live animal can cause the same allergic reaction possible by handling the live animal itself. To avoid potential problems, always wash your hands immediately after use and avoid contact with your nose and mouth prior to washing.

We do not ship frozen foods. Local self pick-up/delivery in Singapore only.

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