Orange Shoulder Tang (Acanthurus olivaceus)

Orange Shoulder Tang is commonly referred to as the Orangeshoulder Surgeonfish, Orangeband Surgeonfish, or Orange-epaulette Surgeonfish. The body of this fish during its juvenile stage is bright yellow, lacking the orange spot which develops as it matures. It is one of the easiest surgeonfish that can be cared for by intermediate fish keepers. The Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang is very sensitive before it has established itself in the aquarium. It drastically changes its appearance when it matures. The Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang is one of the most friendly surgeonfish specie that usually shows less aggression towards other fish. If you want to keep more than one in the same aquarium you should ideally get juvenile specimens and introduce all of them to the aquarium at the same time. The Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang is considered a good fish for a community tank. It is a reef safe species as long as it is well fed with the algae and other foods. The Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang may nip over the corals when hungry but usually do not hurt invertebrates. Since it doesn?t produce mucus to protect itself against skin ailments, it is prone to attract marine ich. The Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang should be housed in an aquarium with plenty of hiding places and plenty of free space for swimming. It is very sensitive towards rapid changes in the water parameters. The Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang is a herbivore and should be fed a diet containing vegetables and some meaty foods. It prefers to graze upon the rocks that are covered with algae. The Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tang should be fed at least three times a day for its continued good health.

  • Care Level : Moderate
  • Temperament : Peaceful
  • Reef Safe : Yes
  • Diet : Pellet, Flake, Greens
  • Origin : Indian Ocean
  • Acclimation Time : 3+ hours
  • Coral Safe : Yes
  • Invertebrate Safe : Yes
  • Minimum Tank Size : 90 gallons

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